Toilet Paper Multi-rolls automatic wrapping machine


Size:2/4/6/6/8/10/12rolls per bag

Toilet Paper Multi-rolls automatic wrapping machine 


Function & Parameter: 

1. Work for 4 rolls in one bag, 6 rolls in one bag, 8 rolls in one bag, 10 rolls in one bag and 12 rolls in one bag
2.A hole on the top of plastic bag for handling,it is easy to operate and pack speed. 
3.Adopt servo and PLC, reset and push roll automatically, packing , sealing and cutting.
4.Photoelectric inspect, servo driving, pneumatic element and good quality bearing ,knife tool and other advanced products.
5.It can connect with cutting machine to be a production line

Technical parameter:
1. Power: 

    Main machine: 2.2Kw
    Conveyor  1.5KW(380V 50Hz)
    Heating: 2kw(380V 50Hz)
2. Production speed: 65 rolls/min 
3.The size plastic film: 500x720mm
4.Overall size (m): 3.1x1.2x1.4(LxWxH)
5.Weight:about 2 .5T

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