Automatic Single Roll Toilet Paper Packaging Machine

Model:XY-50IZ ​


Automatic Single Roll Toilet Paper Packaging Machine 


Main function and configuration:

Adopt MCU for master control circuit, display on LCD screen, control by the inverter, excellent person-computer interface, easy to pack. And the length of product adopt double frequency converter, stepless speed change, various range adjustment,, automatic clear up the packing product, and make it enter packaging machine. This machine can match with front-end production very well. The length of finished bag will be accurate tracked by high sensitivity sensor. It will not need to adjust by manual as soon as set. Individual control  temperature for each sealing. It suitable for many kind of wrapping material.

Technical parameter:

Center distance: 192mm

Packing speed: 50-120bags/min

The max.width of wrapping film:450mm

Bag size: 150-250mm

Total power: 3.2KW (220V50HZ)

Power of main motor: 0.750.2KW

The noise of machine: ≤78

Percent of pass for finished product(percentage): ≥97%

Pressure of sealing :15(Newton/MM2)

Overall size of main machine(mm):4432X1115X1750(LXWXH)

Raw material of wrapping film: OPPPEPVCOPP/CPPPT/PE , NY/PE,ect. Suitable a part of Al metallizing Fool.

Note: As the material for wrapping maybe different, the above date will be a little changed.


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