Automatic Handkerchief Paper Packing Machine


Size:72 mm*53mm*26mm

Automatic Mini Tissue  Paper Packing Machine

Main performance structure and function characteristic:

1,High Speed, performance is stabilized, simple operation.

2,Assembled machine is run by Mitsubishi programmed controller(PLC),large screen touching screen with servo electrical machinery centralized control.

3, Mix the auto tracking out of order and warning system , and show in real time through the touch-sensitive screen, can find out the trouble reason and trouble position rapidly, deal with  failure in time.

4, High-accuracy Omron follows the system photoelectrically track.

5, Transmission adopt advanced frequency conversion controller, make orientation by close Graduation case, and every working location cooperate by the accurate cam group graduation

 6, Adopt the circulation lubricating system of automatic fuel-injection, lengthen parts service life greatly .

 7, Adopt import get rid of the static device, it is more steady to enable packing performance.

 8, Adopt import the intelligent temperature-controlled form , make temperature control freely.

9, Paper packing membrane tear mouth is punching automatically and able to equip and install all kinds of appearance tear of punching device automatically.

10,The content of  date of production, production lot number ,etc. can be realized autotyping, and can regulate characters and type position to the best position.

11, Outside pack membrane tear mouthfuls of glue can stick synchronous automatically, reduce more cost of labor.

Technical specification:

1.The size of packing of product:

Standard paper handkerchief   106mm *53mm *26mm  number : 10 sheets

Mini type paper handkerchief  72 mm*53mm*26mm          10 sheets

2.Specification of packing film :

Standard paper handkerchief 150mm

Mini paper handkerchief 116 mm

3.Packing speed (package /minute): 30-80

4..Air pressure: 0. 3~0. 4mpa

5.Power: 380V 50HZ

6.Over size: 3600 mm*2700 mm*1900 mm

7.Weight: 1600 KG


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