Automatic Glue Laminated Hand Towel Paper Machine



Automatic N-folding Laminated Hand Towel Paper Machine

Function & Parameter:

1. It can adopt PLC controller.(according to requirement)

2.Count automatically and output in order.

3.Adopt screw turning knife to cut and vacuum absorption to fold.

4.Control pneumatic with electric convenient to operate.

5.Capable of forming complete set of rolling figure unit with clear look.

6.Adopt vacuum pump for stable running of the machine.

7.Variable tension control for stable running at high speed.

8.Equiped with 4 sets of  color prints device for 2 colors.

9.Adopt the roll dryers  to heat the colored paper and gluing paper layers.

Main Technical Parameter:

  1. Production Speed: 50~110 m/min
  2. Range of raw material:18-25g/m2(2 layers)
  3. Raw material Diameter(mm):≤1100
  4. Raw material core Diameter(mm):76.2
  5. Power: 5.5Kw (380V 50Hz)
  6. Overall size (m): 11×2.5×1.9 (L×W×H )
  7. Weight: 5.7T

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