Full-automatic Multi-colors Napkin Paper Machine



Automatic Multi Colored Napkin Paper Machine



XY-OQ-7000A multi-colors napkin paper machine print various kind of colors and design on cut raw material, and to be square and rectangle napkin after embossment, folding and cutting.

Main feature:

  1. Adopt flexible printing unit, high precession ceramic anilox roll, making the water ink equally spread and print out extract and stereo pattern.
  2. Raw material through synchronous belt and come into calendaring unit, and into embossing unit. There is tension unit between raw material and calendaring, raw material and embossment.
  3. Folding wheel automatic stop machine protection unit.
  4. Automatic constant temperature drying system.
  5. Raw material broken protection unit. Automatic speed down unit when raw material run out. Folding roller stop protection unit.
  6. Water ink circulation system.

Technical paremater:

1. Width of raw material: as per the size of finished product.

2. Max. diameter of raw material:1200mm

3.Size of finished product: 300x300mm and folding size 150*150mm

4.Diameter of core: 76mm

5.Thickness of raw material:2-3 layers, 18-25g/m2.

6.Shape of folding:1/4 folding(according to the clients)

7.Way of printing; Flexo printing.

8. Material of printing: water-solubility ink

9.drying system: automatic constant temperature

10. Embossing roller: steel to woolen

11.Speed:400-600 sheets/min

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