Automatic Napkin Paper Lower Folding Machine



Automatic Lower folding Napkin Paper Machine

Function & Parameter:

1.Adopt vacuum folding type.

2. Adopt double screw turning knife to cut fast and easy adjustment.

3.Embossing design on raw paper with clear embossing shape.

4. Orderly placed, convenient to pack.

5. As requested,this machine can be equipped with single color or double colors printing device.

6.The machine can be built to make the 1/4 folding according to the requests.

Main Technical Parameter:

1. Production speed :450-610pcs/min

2. Power:4.5Kw(380V or 220V 50Hz)

3. Finished product size:

(Finished product size: 120mmx80x90mm)

(Unfold size: 180mmx200mm)

4. Overall size(m):4.48x0.88x1.66(LxWxH)

5. Weight:about 1.4T

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