Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine



Automatic Napkin Paper Folding Machine



 1. Adopt vacuum folding type.

2. Count automatically and orderly placed, convenient to pack.

3. Attach with folding unit ensuring accurate position and unify sizes of product.

4. Adopt steel against wool embossing roller to have clear embossment.

5. It can equip with single color printing unit or two color printing unit

6. Adopt flexbile printing unit and professional anilox roll, and change the various printing patterns.

Technical data:

1Folding size of the product:150mmx150mm

2Unfold size of the product:300mmx300mm

3Width of raw paper:180-500mm

4Diameter of raw paper:600mm-1000mm

5Diameter of paper core:76mm

6Power:4.5Kw(380V or 220V 50Hz)

7Production speed:400-600pcs/min

8Overall size:4500x1000x1500mm(LxWxH)

9WeightAbout :1400kg


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