Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine



Semi Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine  



Function & Parameter:


1.Roll with tension to produce high and low level raw paper.

2.Adopting screw turning knife to cut, knife-blade is strong enough to operate fast without noise and shaking.

3.Electric controlled counter to ensure the weight of product.

4.Use special saw belt to keep section in good order. The saw belt is simple and easy to repair and grind.


Main Technical Parameter:


1.Power:3kw-4Kw (380V 50Hz)

2.Furl speed:50-200m/min

3.Rewinding Max. diameter (mm):300mm

4.Overall size(mm):TQ92 type 2550x1850x1500(LxWxH)

                               TQ75 type 2550x2450x1500(LxWxH)

5.Weight:About 1.6T

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